Sunday, July 19, 2009


SHE's My everything......well baby this POST is just for you ok... welll must make u happy once in a while honey...

you have been the best gf in my whole life... u are the one who made me a better guy... without u i will still be the old lame and dumb robert... thanks nani for everything tat u have done for me... every single month u get me stuff or you baked for me u really always make me happyyyy...

Now your pictures that you left behind
Are just memories of a different life
Some that made us laugh
Some that made us cry
One that made you have to say goodbye

What I'd give to run my fingers thru your hair
Touch your lips, to hold you near,
When you say your prayers, try to understand
I've made mistakes, I'm just a man

When he holds you close, when he pulls you near
When he says the words
You've been needing to hear, I'll wish I was him
'Cause these words are mine, to say to you
'Til the end of time (rpt 1)

Yeah I, will love you, baby
Always and i'll be there
Forever and a day, always

I'll be there, till the stars don't shine
Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme
I know when i die you'll be on my mind
and I'll love you, always


i mean this song to you the lyrics is so thru... WHEN YOU SAY YOUR PRAYS TRY TO UNDERSTAND I'VE MADE MISTAKES I'M JUST A MAN...... love you anastasia anita de souza with all my heart... let rock this words together k....


Friday, July 17, 2009

ADRIAN hehehhehe work buddy
company t-shirt hehehhee

was the DJ for the event hehee...


hellllllo pppl i'm back sori yeah been updating u ppl abit slow slowwww... the man is busy.. hehehe... yup yup yup.... kk let me start of my congratulating BUNKFACE for winning 3 awards in SHOUT AWARDS great stuff guys.. knew u could do it... hehehe.. SITUASI ROCKSSS... go listen k... dun't download buy their album k.. hahaha... kkk .... yesterday THURSDAY wooohoo... day started off good.. woke up early whick was 10.. hehe... went to the studio had few guys come in to jam... they finish around 1.. they start at 11 i think.. yeah something like tat.. after tat went out with RANDY... for lunch... after lunch headed home... randy folled me home.. showed him my new room which loook awesome... hehhee... after tat had to go to shah alam to put the SATRIA in for service... RANDY also followed me and my bro... when tat was done rush back... then me and RANDY went to BERNARD'S hse to play x-box 360.. BERNARD and TLIANG were playing... dun really know if they were playing or fighting it was dam funny la.. bernard was making fun of tliang the whole time hehehe... then i left bernards hse at about 7 cause my brother called my to say tat the FAMILY was goin down to kl for dinner.. so yeah rush back had my shower... hehe.. then went to kl my brother my sis mummy and i left 1st.. cause mummy wanted to c her sister in ampang... aunt left to UK today to see my other aunt hehe... so went to spend time with her then we headed to HARTAMAS.. SOULED OUT... i been goin there since i was 10 so yeah.. most of the ppl know me there.. dun believe ask my gf... hehehe.. took her there for her birthday so yeah anyway had dinner after dinner my brother suddenly ask me to follow him to ZOUK... hehehehhee:P yes.. i was in ZOUK last nite.. annd it rock u know y... cause ROBERT LEO was there..hehehe... had good fun got back home and was freaking tired today morning had to wake up early for work... worked in MONT KIARA SELANGOR CLUB today... pictures will be up ya.. hehehe.. really tired.. tomoro am goin to ACS SKUL hehhee in the morning ni la.. so if u guys are goin and u wanna c me come at 8 till 10 k... cause after tat i'm leaving for work heheheh.... c u babessss ciaozzz

-Dr.B3rT- kissses hugsssss

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


heeeelllllloooo hot stuff'sss how u doin... i'm backkkk.... owh i have to tell u ppl about yesterday it was so fun... hehehhehe.. well days started off late.. woke up at 11.30 a.m... like usual mummy and sister were making noise cause i've been waking up really really late... cant help it.. hehehe.... so yeah went out with my brother to take pictures... hehe.. i look so freaking bad man.... its like i was just showing my teeth... i really pass for colgate la.. hehee.. owh ya.. after tat went to Klang club collect come form then got home and guess wat i did... i SLEPT again till 5 something goood rite... TOLD u ppl i love my sleep hehehe... k now it gets interesting.. went pasar malam with my brother.. hehe.. bough so much of food... and like a pig then went to church at 7.40... was playing the guitar for church hehehe... so played till 10.. then kian how, yi xia, richard, teck loong and i met up at AMAZON to celebrate teck loong's birthday there.. owh ya.. Happy Birthday Fatty loong hehe... we were there till around 1 something... then we all went home like normal ppl do rite... yi xia's mum was calling him every few minutes... mummy's boy hehe.. so yeah we headed home... when i reached home i saw my brother watching a movie... hehehe... and the movie's name was THE WOMEN hehehehhe.. so yeah watch with him till 3 something it was a not bad movie but the ending sucksss la... then got to my bed and was on the phone.. then i receive a call from KIAN HOW.... at 3 something in the morning a receive a call from KIAN HOW sure something wrong happen.. pick up the call and sure enough he told me RICHARD met with an accident in kesas highway.. so i said k come pick me up... i was so dumb to say tat.... arrrrr.. so he came pick me up we were at the accident seen at 3.40.. from 3.40 till almost 5... we were waiting for the tow truck... in the mean while i told richard try to start your car maybe it can start.. richard being richard he told me this no cannot start i try so many times d cannot cannot cannot... so i coupld not do anything much.. so i told kian how i was bored... so we played catching catching in the highway just for fun hahahahhahaha.... then after tat i became emo i started walking home on the 3 lane of the highway and i was singing this song.. I WALK THIS LONELY ROAD THE ONLY ONE TAT I HAVE EVER KNOEW DUN'T NO WHERE IT GOES BUT ITS ONLY ME AND I WALK ALONE... hahahaha.. dam lame but it was fun trust me... finally i got so pisst with richard i took his car keys i told him start your car now.. and u know wat.. his car started.. seriously at tat time i wanted to slap him so hard till his face turned red... reall ass... we waited for no dam reason.. haihj.. so yeah after tat he drove the car home and kian how sent me back got home at about 5 sometihng.... and tat was a crazy and fun nite hehehehhehehhe

accident pictures will be uploaded dun worry


Monday, July 13, 2009


your truly is back... sori about the emo days ya... cant help it much thou.... who said only girl have PMS... guys too go thru it k.. its only tat we are shy to let ppl know about it... unlike girls hehehe... well well sat sun was busy with somethings la... monday... woke up at 10 something i think... got on the comp check my mails and off i was to a shop near by my hse for breakfast with my brother... shortly after tat we left to the office needed to send my laptop for service and stuff... the IT guy was in the office so yeah pass him my lappy and after tat i went to MAYBANK... wanted to open a new bank account but my luck was not too good... the branch i went to the comps very offline so they could not open a new account.. so tats still hanging in my diary guess it will be done tomoro... so the next place i headed to was the insurance company... needed to hand in my claim form... after tat balik rumah.,... cause was hungry again... it was about 2 something at tat time had lunch then went to the studio... had some guys coming in too c my intruments cause they wanted to rent it for 2 days on the 25th and 26th... yup... after they ciaozzz i also ciaozz home for TEA... I'm a TEA person must have my tea everyday.. GIRLS OUT there make sure u are writing these down in your books k.. dont forgot.... well its now 7 and i am leaving to cheras for my game at 7.30 games at 9.30 playing agains dunno who la... hehehhe.... yohhh so tiring... need a massage anyone free to come over and massage me hehehhe....well guess i'll be out tonite again with bernard since i cant make it for basketball with him now... i'll meet him up for supper la.... tat's all guys.... pls tell ppl about my blog k.. thanks
i'm out


Saturday, July 11, 2009


hellllllo ppppll sori have not been blogging for 2 days.. been busy and very SAD for some reasons.. haih... anyway lifes getting harder and harder each day for me.. but thanks to my frens i've been so far ok... y does life have to be like this... ppl cause life has UPS and DOWNS... for me life looks like it has more DOWNS then UPS... y y y y y... is this so.... welll was really sad last nite... so i spoke to my dog about it... YES MY DOG.... his name is benny... he is the best dog u can ever have... so anyway he fell asleep while i was talking to him... great rite my dog... he fell asleep on my lap somemore... haiyoh... dogs also becoming like GIRLS la... always neeed to be sayang and manja.... ar.... babeesssss i dunnnno wat to blog d... so mooodleessss... pray for me k.... call me if u wanna talk to me k.... soriiiii pppl i'm out


Thursday, July 9, 2009


And yes robert leo is back with his crazy-nesss hehehehhehe.... this picture was taken today in KLCC ISETAN 1st floor... hehehehhee... this was so coool.... owh ya the camera man was my brother... today was a load of fun day... woke up at 9 in the morning and when to do my sisters car exhaust.... will upload the pictures of the exhaust latersssss ya.... so they guys finish doin her car at about noon time... after tat me and my bro went to JC MUSIC to repair my old snare... hehehe.. i'm so happy now.. i got two snares and the sound awesome.. after tat walked all the way from JS music to BENTLEYS which was the other side of JLN BUKIT BINTANG... had to go there cause my bro needed to collect somethings there.. while i was there bough a new drum throne since MADAAN lost mine... haih.... hehehe... so yeah.. then we went to KLCC to find my mummy and sister they were suppose to be in KLCC shopping mall but they diverted and went to KLCC- convention centre cause the jewellery fair was going on so we waited for them for 2 hours... hehehe while waiting i was hyper and i became a model for RENOMA hehehehehhe.... was bored la.. finally they meet up with us and so we headed to mummy's 2nd home which is HARD ROCK CAFE... wooohoooo... had me 1 plus 1 beer... hehehehe... had dinner there then after tat had a 25% discount to buy shirts in hard rock... so i bough i live love rock hard rock tee looks supppper nice.... then we balik home... reach home had my shower and all then watch NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 hehehe... and then ROBERT LEO'S PHONE TIME.... tats out PPPLLLLLL... i'm out